Holly is currently traveling to Boston to Brigham and Women's Hospital, for a clinical trial involvinga possible LAM treatment.  The clinical trial involves administering the drug Afinitor, whish is used in Chemotherapy for Kidney Cancer. It is a daily regiment for efficacy and tolerance. To find out more please follow this link.

Visit to learn about The Center for LAM Research and Clinical Care.  This group is focused on providing excellence in clinical care and offering the most up-to-date research for women with LAM.

Holly will travel to Boston every 2 weeks to undergo an evaluation and monitoring.  The sponsor of the study will help with the cost of hotels while she is in Boston but is not responsible for her incurred travel expenses, meals or having someone to travel with her.

Holly has recently been contacted by Baylor in Dallas and will be evaluated at the end of March for a possible Lung Transplant.
Check back often for updates!